Dear Wayne,

This might be my favorite 'Critical Conditions' that I've read thus far. I remember the story about your restaurant experience from an earlier posting, but the additional material brought tears to my eyes. I was most lucky to get to know Tony Bennett many years ago when he attended a party for a mutual friend of ours in N.Y. We were introduced to each other by Dan Schiffman, his tennis partner for a number of years. Dan was the Chair for the Music Committee at the National Arts Club where I served as a member of the committee.

Tony was, as you well know, a delightful and generous person who was always interested in other people, places, and events. We did speak a number of times afterwards at various gatherings and it was always a joy to spend some time with him and his wife, Susan.

How wonderful that your daughter was able to attend the school that he founded and in the perfect neighborhood.

Thank you, and continued best wishes.


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once again wayne, such a well written story on such a very special man.

as you know i am one of your favorite fans and so enjoy reading what you have experienced and write each time.. to be continued... eileen millan

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Really nice, Wayne. I’m feeling sad about his passing…this told me why. Thanks.

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Excellent. Have not read such great writing about Queens before. Your love of the place and the man and music expressed beautifully.

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