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As one who has lamented the loss of the tightly formatted album since listeners were forced to transition from vinyl, my first thought is that this is a true LP, rare nowadays. Secondly, I found myself drawn to Rough and Rowdy Ways by Bob Dylan--not because of any similarities (there aren't many) but because of the major difference between the two. Yes, both artists are at similar stages in their lives..but where Paul stares his mortality straight in the face and helps us to focus on that as well, Bob chooses to throw the kitchen sink at us in his familiar "it used to go like that, now it goes like this" approach. Yes, there are some great songs on that record but instead of confronting mortality, Dylan shrugs his shoulders and leaves you to believe that he may not be mortal after all (maybe he isn't!). Paul does us the favor of sharing a meditation that gives insight into the road he is traveling as well as support in how we can navigate our own.

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